Uptime 365 keeps bus fleets at peak performance Uptime 365 keeps bus fleets at peak performance
How do you get your business to drive smiles?

With the debut of UPTIME 365 in 2021, a new innovation in customer assistance was born. Equipped with live GPS tracking & vehicle analysis, our telematics system, UPTIME 365, does exactly as the name suggests. It keeps bus fleets at peak performance and offers a clearer understanding of their operation and availability. It also brings you up to date with real-time performance and CO2 savings information. It's an excellent resource for companies aiming to become market leaders.

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Whether it's a problem with the coolant, the battery, or the cabin temperature, we can help. The AI-based system provides effective data analysis and can alert when a bus needs preventive intervention, saving on maintenance costs. It results in increased productivity and less downtime, leading to more efficient growth.

UPTIME 365: Our telematics system

It has a significant impact on the comfort and efficiency of driving. Also, it has remote 'Failsafe Intervention Technology' to limit the damage produced by any external forces in the event of an emergency.

We're collaborating with JCB, a world-class manufacturer of construction, agriculture, waste handling, and demolition equipment. They have 15 years of expertise running telematics solutions and tracking every JCB on the planet.

UPTIME 365's primary purpose is to provide value to your business by maximising the capacity of your fleet. It was created with your requirements in mind. Because complete client satisfaction is at the heart of all we do at Wrightbus, we've developed this comprehensive telematics support that covers a wide range of services.

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How does it help?

Real-time AI technology

Real-time AI technology that learns for itself.

Improved customer experience
Improved customer

5,000 sensors monitor performance on visual dashboards.

Enhanced fleet performance
Enhanced Fleet

From fuel economy to cost management, make the most of it.

WB uptime 365 gives most cost effective maintenance

Predictive maintenance reduces servicing costs.

WB Uptime 365 provides complete fleet maintenance system

Reviews age and technology compatibility of your fleet.

Real-time monitoring with Uptime 365

Predictive maintenance with customised alerts and real-time monitoring.

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