GB Hawk EU6 Diesel

At Wrightbus, we recognise that bus operators throughout the world have unique requirements that necessitate customised vehicles. That is why we are proud to introduce the GB Hawk, our newest customisable bus designed to meet operator and region-specific requirements. It’s designed to provide higher mileage on rural and interurban routes. Go further than before with our newest single deck heavy-duty bus.

WrightBus_GB Hawk_EU6 Diesel

Our state-of-the-art hawk is powered by a four-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM934 Euro VI engine with a 225L fuel tank capacity, and an MH3 configuration that smartly manages fuel consumption in varying traffic situations. The GB Hawk is a mileage and efficiency master.

Built to provide the best experience!

More miles, more smiles
More miles, more smiles

A 225L fuel tank capacity is perfect for long journeys.

Everyone travels together
Everyone travels together

Wheelchair access with PSV manual ramp at front entrance door.

Rides get happier
Rides get happier

Ride better with Wi-Fi, passenger salon air-conditioning, seat belts, USB points, etc.

Ensure an eco-friendly ride

The transmission emissions strictly adhere to EU6 standards.

WrightBus GB Hawk EU6 Diesel Bus Wheelchair access


Maximum Capacity

Depending on specification choice, a maximum capacity of up to 91 can be achieved.


1 or 2 door option available
Wheelchair compliant via electronic or manual ramp


275 / 70R X 22.5 Tubeless Tyre
Choice of either Bridgestone, Continental, or Michelin


A range of seat models are available from various suppliers including Esteban, and Lazzerini.

AXLE & Suspension

Front – ZF RL 82 EC
Rear – ZF AV 133


Daimler OM934 or Daimler OM936 Euro VI
Option of 4 or 6 Cylinder
Displacement of 5.1L or 7.7L

The GB Hawk is adaptable, comfy, and a long-range champion. Hawk also promotes long-distance passenger connectivity that is both sustainable and pleasant. With exceptional features and cost-effective operations, it’s a perfect transport for the inter-city travel. What’s more! It’s equipped with a low emission engine and complies with EU6 emission requirements to the letter. We know how convenient it is for everyone when the buses can be customised with the elements that customers want. Customisation results in more comfortable travels for passengers and more business for the client.

WrightBus_GB Hawk

EU6 emission standards have really revolutionised public transportation in Europe. Now we see more vehicles and companies putting the needs of the environment first, which is quite delightful. As a result we get green cities, blue skies, and a better lifestyle. Low-emission buses serve a critical role in combating climate change and pollution by allowing citizens to breathe pollution-free air.