Wrightbus story Wrightbus story
Our buses are our pride and joy.

At Wrightbus, it was never just about getting people from one place to another; it was always about getting the world to a better place. From promoting economic growth to reducing traffic congestion to making transportation more equitable for all, we've given back to our community through our buses in every way we could.

In the previous 75 years, there hasn't been a day when we haven't stood by our goal of a greener tomorrow. In our endeavour to deliver the best to the people, many iconic buses have emerged from the Wrightbus factory, completely changing the way of travelling.

Wrightbus changing the way of travelling
first zero-emissions double-decker hydrogen bus

And now, with the development of the world's first zero-emissions double deck hydrogen bus, we're on our way to ensuring a brighter future for the next generation.

Wright Group is on a new path of innovation and environmental consciousness under the leadership of Jo Bamford. All we want to communicate to the world that has been waiting for a greener mode of transportation is that "we've arrived".

WrightBus on a new path of innovation