Stores & Logistics

Stores & Logistics

Stores & Logistics

With upwards of 3 million components passing through the stores each year, good systems, accuracy and attention to detail are vital. All materials are offloaded, pass through Goods-Inwards checks and are put away safely in their allocated storage locations. All parts have to be labelled/bar-coded for ease of identification, something that is vital when it comes to the next stage in the process- Kitting.

Kitting is when our teams put together all the necessary components required to complete a part of the build process, and ensure they are delivered to the production teams exactly when they are needed. Stock accuracy is maintained by scanning the bar codes and issuing out only the correct materials and verified by periodic cycle counts and stocktake activities.

The following roles are located within the Stores & Logistics Department

Stores Manager

Team Leaders

Goods Inwards Teams

Material Kitters

Material Line-Support

Stock Controllers